Hey! My name is Joel Pillar and I have generated a part-time income working from home over the past few years.

I started online marketing in 2019  and made my first sale a few months in, actually am still a student. Ever since i make my first sale online working from home as an affiliate marketer i decided to make it my full-time job, i said part-time initially because am still a student although am not yet making millions of $$ but i have that faith of building empire through affiliate marketing and blogging.

I have not buy any course online and i don’t think of buying for now and if at all i buy any course online and find it useful then am going to share it with you guys and am going to release my own courses very soon.

Am going to be giving you real value on how to make legit money online, I have therefore decided to make it my mission to provide you with only the most relevant information on any topic I’m discussing and any course I’m teaching. That means if my course is 4 hours long, you can expect to see 4 hours of real content that you came here to see and learn about.

Coupled with the fact that I absolutely love to teach, I wanted to share everything I went through in my journey, especially some things that took me hours to learn or hours of back-and-forth with support reps for any given network/software product/etc…

Therefore I decided to create a YouTube channel and this blog where I could share my content with the rest of the world. I went through a lot of hoops and learning experiences, and will not leave nothing out and share it all with you.

You can contact me here.

That being said, I am really excited to have you here and am really looking forward to helping you improve your online marketing via the content I offer.