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I am really excited that you are on this website searching for this kind of strategy, a lot of people out there doing affiliate marketing doesn’t know what it takes to become a successful and certified affiliate marketer.

Very brief am going to encourage you not to stop searching for strategies to make money as an affiliate marketer because it’s just a matter of time you are going to breakthrough and be making huge Sum of money.

You yourself should know that definitely you need to work hard to meet your target, there are lots of marketers that promise you rich quick which is not so,

A lot of them spent years to build their business online,

it’s just that you can make it quicker than them because they are going to share their experiences with you and if you leverage on it you are not going to spent all your day and night without gaining anything,

so in this article am going to share things with you on how you can make money on instagram with clickbank affiliate marketplace.

People have been trying this but majority said it’s not working meanwhile they did not follow the right step,

Some people even get there instagram account suspended/blocked because they keep spamming their affiliate link all over the platform which is definitely bad.

So am going to explain everything step by step so that you at the end of this article you will be at the point where you will turn instagram to money making machine,

but before that I will like to explain something about instagram so that you will know that instagram is very powerful and you can make lot of money on it.

What Is Instagram And How Is It Beneficial To Affiliate Marketing World

Instagram is a social media website which people use just to relax their brain and not to buy goods and services but you as an affiliate marketer you can take advantage of that to grow your business,

Instagram is a very reputed website and is an American photo and video sharing social networking services owned by Facebook, created by Kelvin Systrom and Mike Krieger and originally launched on iOS in October 2010.

The Android version was released in April 2012, followed by a feature-limited desktop interface in November 2012,

A Fire OS app in June 2014, and an app for Windows 10 in October 2016.

The app allows users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging.

Posts can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers. Users can browse other trending content. Users can like photos and follow other users to add their content to a feed, a function that seems to be discontinued as of September 2020.

I hope you now know what instagram is.

Instagram is very beneficial to online businesses generally, because if you are consistent in creating a very beneficial content and posting real and valuable content relating to your niche,

you are going to get people to follow you and the more followers you get the more money you make.

If you set up a professional instagram account as an affiliate marketer you are going to be making lots of money, we are going to go over how to set up a professional instagram account later in the article.

Having said that lets get straight into this strategy.

How To Choose The Best And High Converting Product For Instagram Marketing

Before you create an Instagram account you need a product in a specific niche, a product that is converting and has high demand of over 50 gravity and pay more than 80%,

You need to make sure that the gravity is high and the product is recurring so that you will make good amount,

You can use keyword research tools like:

Here are TOP 10 Keyword Research Tool:


I believe you know what keyword research is and if you don’t know then here is it; “Keyword Research is a practice search engine optimization professionals use to find and research search terms that users enter into search engines when looking for products, services or general information”.

To know the volume of people searching for the product you are promoting and make sure the product is a product that will be around for years not a product that will shutdown within a short period of time.

Now that you’ve gotten the product you want to promote let’s proceed to creating an account.


How To Create A Professional And Business Instagram Acoount

Let’s assume you have created an account and what is left is to design your profile professionally,

head to profile and add a very unique name and username, let say you are promoting “custom keto which is a weight loss product on clickbank”,

you should choose a name related to that like: keto-recipes, keto-daily-recipes, keto-daily-plan and so on just make sure the name is related to the product, and once you are done with that then you go to bio.

Bio is very important because it’s the one that will speak for you, because when people land on your profile they will first see your bio so make it unique.

Bio like:


How to make money on instagram with clickbank

How to make money on instagram with clickbank

Can you see the type of post they are posting? Those are the kind of post you are to post, you can even download their post and take it to canva to edit it.


The nwxt thing is to add website, make sure you don’t add you affiliate link directly, you should have a website or a landing page that will explain more about the product and then your link will be there, make sure your website or landing page is responsive to desktop, mobile and tablet.

Once you are done with all this then let’s continue.

How to grow your instagram page


How To Grow Your Instagram Page

You should know that to grow your instagram page is not a day journey it’s a matter of weeks sometimes month and if you really want to make money with clickbank affiliate marketing on instagram you need audience that are ready to buy what you are offering,

you need organic traffic and you can get that with consistency because if you post regularly and you are active you will definitely gain followers.

Here are steps to take to grow your instagram page:

  • Create daily post ranging from 5 to 10 post in a day
  • Write a very relevant description to each post
  • Share some questionable stories that will trigger people to comment
  • Use the most popular hashtags with each post and not irrelevant hashtags
  • Always reply to comment if any
  • Put your link in bio (link to your landing page or website)
  • Share short videos with your audience/followers
  • Do comment on other peoples post in your niche
  • Do not spam
  • Create a very awesome image with canva, potermywall
  • Follow people following related account in your niche
  • Share knowledge with your followers so that they will not be bored


Let me still lay more emphasis on what I have listed above, seriously if you are lazy then you should quite affiliate marketing because it requires a lot of works but if you keep your consistency at the end you are going to nail it.

Don’t follow big account but follow those who follow them and once they follow you,

you can un-follow them but make sure you don’t follow more than 20 people per hour.

And if you want to spend little money to grow your account very fast then you should use Upleap or Kickstagram because they are the best company that can grow your account very fast.

How To Create A Professional And Appealing Post

How To Create A Professional And Appealing Post

Creating a post might be very challenging but very easy because what you are going to be posting should be in image, so to create that you can use canva, potermywall, pixabay and so on

but the best is canva because they have everything you might need in them just visit their website or download their app and create a very awesome image and

you should note that you have to post for at least 5 times in a day so that you will be recognized and get people to respond to your post very quick.

Take a closer look at this persons post, just download them and edit them and repost.

Here Are What Affiliate Marketing Instagram Page Have In Common

  • They make post that are engaging, in the sense that people are commenting, liking, and interacting with the page.
  • They are followed by Top Tiers countries like United State, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France and others.
  • They have a lot of followers as you can see in the images above.
  • Their Bio look very professional and real
  • They post regularly with hashtags

How Many Followers Did You Need To Make Passive Income On Instagram

Hey listen it’s not as you think, all those people having millions of followers are probably not making lot of money as you think, all you need it to be strategic and be unique,

You can have 10,000 followers and still be making ‘Bank’ more than does having Millions of followers although the more followers you get the more ‘Bank’ you make and that’s if and only if your followers are real and not bot because most of does ones you are seeing are bot.

I think by know you are done creating a very nice and professional instagram page and I that’s the case let’s now talk about me the money hop in.

Making Money On Instagram With Clickbank

Making Money On Instagram With Clickbank

I assume you have completely and successfully set up your instagram page,

So create a landing page or website that will contain the information of the product you are promoting and leave the link in your Bio,

so whenever you post make sure you use relevant hashtags and you can get that by checking big account in your niche or go to a website like Hashtagify to search for trending hashtags in your niche,

let people know in your post that they should check your profile for the link.

If you want to be making passive income with this strategy you need a website and if you need someone to build one for you then contact,

although it’s not a must for you to have your own website before you can start making money on clickbank it’s just that if you have your own website you will have dominion over it and publish whenever you want.

If you need Domain and Hosing Bluehost is the best website to get a very secure and authorized hosting and domain.

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How Much Can I Make On Instagram With Clickbank Affiliate Market Place

If you ask this question then it’s quite a very good question and you can make as much as $1,000 or more per month depending on how much effort you want to give in and how consistent you are,

so consistency matters a lot.


If you follow all what I talked about in this article, you will definitely be at the point of making ‘Bank’ from your closet, to understand how clickbank works you need to do more research and if you sign up to my Newslatter I will keep you updated.

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